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Student Dress Code


Student dress shall be appropriate at all times. Any student’s dress or personal appearance that distracts from or interferes with the normal learning process will be considered inappropriate and disruptive. The course of action will be left up to the discretion of the principal. 


In addition:

  • No drug, alcohol, tobacco or gang-related words, designs or logos on shirts or on clothing.

  • Waistbands of pants must stay above the hips, belted or not. Belt ends must be tucked into loops, not hanging.

  • No bare midriffs or hips. Individual shirt strap must be 2 fingers thick – no spaghetti strap or open back shirts.  

  • Bra straps must be covered with no undergarments showing.

  • Shorts, skirts, dresses or rips (not excessive) must be below their longest fingertip while standing without skin showing above the fingertips length.

  • No hats, beanies, or ball caps are to be worn inside the classroom.

  • No chains from wallets.

  • Shoes above 1 inch heel, wheels or platforms are not appropriate or safe for school. No flip flops are allowed in PE. 

  • Make up should be used with restraint.

  • Temporary tattoos must not be visible.

  • Earrings & gauges must be no larger than a dime and may not have spikes on the front or back.  

  • Weather-appropriate attire is encouraged.