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Reading Counts





Granville's Reading Counts Program
  Granville students in first through fifth grade participate in an independent reading program called Scholastic Reading Counts™. Based on teacher recommendation some kindergarten students may participate. This computer-based program motivates students to read, encourages reading for understanding, and monitors reading comprehension. Thousands of schools throughout the nation have used this program to motivate students to read more at school and at home, and to improve their reading comprehension.  

The Reading Counts program begins with a computer-based test designed to estimate each child’s reading level. The students take this test—which is called the Scholastic Reading Inventory™ —five times during the year. The scores (which are measured in lexiles™) are used to monitor student progress, and to help guide students to books that are at an appropriate difficulty level.  

During their weekly visits to our library, students are directed to books at their measured lexile for which we own Reading Counts quizzes. Granville now owns all available quizzes ( over 50 thousand) for today’s most popular children’s books. We participate in the quiz subscription program and receive new quizzes every month.
Visit the Scholastic Reading Counts Website to see if a quiz is available for your child's book.

  Goals are set by grade level with accommodations made for ELD, Title 1 and Resource students so that all can participate and earn rewards. The Reading Counts Program monthly rewards students that reach their grade-level goal with a free book of their choice from over 600 books. Many students have earned more than one book in a month. There is no limit and we hope that every student in the school earns at least one book each year. The grade level goals and lexile colors are available for download below.

  The quizzes must be taken at school as we do not have any way to install the software on home computers. For information on books that have quizzes you can check the web site.  We have all the Reading Counts quizzes they offer.  Many of the books are available at our school library. The public library has many more and they have a button on their website called “Reading Programs” which lists what  Reading Counts books they have and at the library the librarians can help you search and find the books.  

We have a paper recycling bin in our north-west parking area,  thanks to the Prescott Valley Lions Club. Please bring newspapers, white copy and computer paper (these should be tied or bagged), bagged shredded paper, telephone books, magazines, and catalogs for recycling at Granville. Please do not bring any cardboard or colored paper.
  Thank you for participating!



lexile colors.pdf
Reading Counts Quiz Log.doc